Art As An Asset Class

While wealth managers and family offices are well versed and staffed in many asset classes, they may not yet offer expertise in collected fine art. Allied Art Advisors offers support to collectors and their investment advisers with tools and strategies deployed to manage traditional asset classes but focus them to support the collector’s fine art portfolio.

As art as an asset class becomes a more meaningful part of an investor’s asset allocation the need to properly plan for, value and advise on its inclusion in estate planning can become a challenge. It can also offer a doorway to a more meaningful client relationship and un-tapped capital appreciation. We support a disciplined approach similar to those deployed in managing traditional investments helping collectors to set up and manage goals for their collected (passion) assets.  

We use the same rigor one applies to their managed financial portfolios, setting defined benchmarks for success. This approach can be a game changer not just in improved understanding, value enhancement and capital growth but will often improve an owner’s overall enjoyment of their collection asset. This enhancement to the collection experience can also in turn increase the probability that a collection will become a legacy asset for a family’s enjoyment for generations to come.